My name is Sofia Penna and I am commuting into Cortland from Binghamton, where I live with my fiancee.  This fall will be my first semester in the MAT/Adolescent English program.  My last two degrees in English and Public Administration have been from Binghamton University, and so I am excited to finally study on a new campus!  Looking forward to meeting all of you.



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  1. allison76

    My name is Allison Porzio and I’ll also be commuting. I live and work in the Syracuse area. My two undergraduate degrees are in English and magazine journalism. I’m excited to meet everyone and to get started with the course. See you all on Tuesday!

  2. Amanda McKenney

    Hello everyone. I am Amanda McKenney and this is my first semester as a full time graduate student. For the next year and a half I will be working on my M.A.T. I transferred to Cortland as an undergrad in 2005 and completed two years here, and I just recently graduated last May with my B.A. in English. Over the summer I commuted from home (Syracuse) and I took Education 671: Foundation in Education, as well as English 645: The Romantic Era. However, I will be living in Cortland this year, because in addition to working on my degree, I am also working as a graduate assistant in the ASAP office. Since I was a straight English major as an undergrad, I did not take any education classes, so I am very excited for this year and I look forward to meeting and learning with and from all of you! See you Tuesday.

  3. dldvoracek

    Hi, I am Donna Dvoracek and I will be commuting from work in the Binghamton area. I have a undergraduate degree in communications and a graduate degree in outdoor and environmental education. My diverse career path has been exciting and has ranged from being a military journalist, advertising director, grant writer, program evaluator, political public relations director, photographer and poet. I have also spent 12 years developing science and environmentally based programs for youth. I am looking forward to bringing my diverse background to the teaching of English. I have two children, one of which is a sophomore at SUNY Cortland. I look forward to meeting all of you on Tuesday.

  4. ll123

    My name is Li Li, and this is my third semester on Cortland campus. I can’t wait to meet you guys. I also live in Binghamton area, and I actually come a long way from China.

  5. traverse02

    Hello all, my name is Raphael Tombasco, and I too am commuting from the Binghamton area. I graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in Communication and a Minor in English. N

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