Hi everyone this is Sofia Penna.  I am wondering if anyone knows how to add a graphic of sorts next to our posts?  Some people have pictures of themselves or a symbol that they like, and I would really like to have one, too.  How is that done?  (As you can tell, the blog world is new to me.)   Thanks!!!


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  1. rayhedrick

    Were you thinking of adding a picture in your profile, like an avatar? Or were you trying to add a picture to a post?

    Both are easy to do.

    I think what you are trying to do is add the profile picture. In that case, you would just edit your profile and there will be an option to “upload a picture.”

    Everything from there should be self-explanatory, but if you still have problems, I would love to help you further.

    Adding a picture to your posts is a little more complicated and might be easier for me to show you in person. If not, I could send you an e-mail with step-by-step instructions.


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