My Beliefs on ELA

Posted by Sofia Penna in response to Dr. Stearns prompt on ELA beliefs:

I believe that communication is the foundation of human interaction, human relationships, and human coexistence.  What good is an emotion if it cannot be expressed?  How helpful is a thought if it cannot be shared with others and developed further?  We have hearts full of powerful feelings and minds rich in intelligence.  Together, our voices and our words create the language that transports these feelings and ideas out into the world. 

 If a student were to ask me for the definition or importance of language arts, I would most likely begin by encouraging that student to think about their strongest friendship and how that relationship was born.  I would ask this student about his or her first meeting with this friend.  What kind of conversation did they share?  What similarities did they discover in each other?  What differences?  When did they fight?  How did they make up and forgive?  How do they thank each other for favors?  I would then explain that this relationship has become the personification of language arts, as two people have come to grow and share together through the transmition of their thoughts and feelings.

 As a teacher of Language Arts, I believe that it is my duty to awaken this truth in my students, and expose them to the greatest means of transmitting thoughts and feelings:  reading, writing, and speaking.  Authors are our role models in mastering this art, and we as students and readers are their apprentices.                     -Sofia


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