Schools Without Walls + Blogging for 541

As you know I am planning a field trip to Schools Without Walls in Rochester for a Tuesday in October. I would like some feedback from all of you who have day jobs! Are you, with enough advance notice, going to be able to take the day off to go on the field trip? I do not want to plan an activity that not everyone can participate in. I think it will be an exciting day so I am eager to hear from you. Comment here.

Also, I gave you my username and password to access the EJ on Tuesday.

Will those of you who have subscribed please check to see if you now have online access (with your own username/password) to the EJ?

Let me know here in the comment section. Thanks!!

I look forward to facilitators’ prompts which should be posted no later than Monday morning to allow all of us access before our class on Tuesday. You can post them at the main page OR you can post them on the facilitators’ page as “comment.” The latter option does keep them all in one place? We can try that out for a week or so and see how it works.

Note that prompts posted on Tuesday often go unread by folks who work all day and cannot read the blog. Bloggers cannot read and comment on last minute prompts/others’ comments in a timely manner which is before class.

Posts/comments on the week’s readings/discussions are welcome after the class but seem less likely. I note that there’s not been much follow up to our Tuesday night discussions.

I recommend frontloading the reading so that you are able to post by Sunday night and I also expect follow up on the blog after class discussions. Thanks for your consideration. Our goal is for all of us to be members of an active blogging community. To that end, I have invited Bob Yagelski to join us in discussion next week. You are reading his chapter on English Education for 9/11. He will be checking in to comment on posts.

For an example of an active blogging community, check out this link and its content–very relevant to what we were talking about on Tuesday night. NOTE the comments at the end of the long post. Now that’s an active community! Why don’t you add yours!

I look forward to reading more posts on our blog. Remember, sign your posts. KES



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11 responses to “Schools Without Walls + Blogging for 541

  1. jillian24

    Dr. Stearns,
    I believe I would be able to attend the field trip, but I am starting a new job which may complicate things. As of today, I can say yes.

  2. allison

    Dr. Stearns,
    I would be able to attend, as long as I could be back in Syracuse for work at 2:45 (but I could probably work it out to get there as late as 3 or 3:30). Would that work?

  3. rayhedrick

    I can go, and I can drive.

  4. traverse02

    I can go and I can also drive if need be

  5. jexter1

    I can attend the trip, as well as carpool anyone that needs a ride.

  6. jmdegan

    I have no conflicts at this time, and can plan around the trip if we get a date in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be driving, but unfortunately can’t carpool. Sorry.

    J. Degan

  7. jmdegan

    By the way, I can access Sep./Oct. EJ online. However, I have not received my paper copy.

    J. Degan

  8. Mandy McKenney

    With enough advance, I would be able to request off work and attend the field trip. I am also flexible in terms of driving as well.

  9. sfarah19

    I don’t typically work on Tuesdays so it should be fine. As long as I know the exact date asap it shouldn’t be a problem at all!


  10. dldvoracek

    With enough advance notice, I should be able to get the day off to join the fild trip.


  11. sofiapenna

    Hi this is Sofia Penna responding to the field trip. Yes, I can definitely attend on a Tuesday. Any time of day works for me.

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