Teaching: No Tougher Job

The second excerpt that I read from ADOLESCENT LITERACY was by popular author Chris Crutcher. I think the most important part of this article coincides with the article that I mentioned in the previous post by Beers.

Crutcher is arguing for “real” education. One that includes response, expression, and relationship. This powerful argument is summed up nicely on the last page.

He speaks of standards and writes, “You are asked to create a safe enough place for them to learn, and for you to teach, and then are provided with ill-thought-out standards, drawn up by men and women so distant from your theatre of engagement as to be functionally illiterate in its regard. These people demand that you test memory-level learning and abandon the staples of a real education […]” (17-18).

Crutcher hopes that we, as future educators, will refuse to do that. He argues that we would never want to pass on the oppurtunity to change our students’ lives.

He ends this chapter by writing, “No Child Left Behind? Only policy makers and politicians need a bill named that to remind them that leaving kids behind isn’t a good idea” (17). What a great quote and article.

Ray H.


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