Uploading Pictures to a Post

Alright, well, I’ll try to make this as simple as possible. What am I saying… this is really simple, you’ll see.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is set up an account with Flickr. The goal here is to obtain an image URL, so you could technically use other services; however, it’d be easiest for me to just show you how to do this by using one. So Flickr it is.

When you get to the Flickr homepage, you’ll see a tab to “create your account.” This will be even easier if you folks already have a Yahoo! ID, becuase Flickr is owned by Yahoo!. After you set-up your account, you will be automatically logged-in to Flickr and sent to the photo homepage.

The next thing you’d want to do is upload your photos. Now, these photos can be anything you find on the internet, pictures of your family, and et cetera. Just be careful with licensing issues, that’s a touchy subject. So find a picture that’s saved on your computer and then click “upload photos.”

Step 1 will ask you to choose the picture. When you click on the internal link “choose photo” you will be brought to a browser of the files on your computer. Find wherever you saved your picture on your computer here and double-click on it. You will see the image’s ID in the white box. Here you could either click “add more photos” or scroll down and click “upload photos.” I think those two options are self-explanatory. [Side Note: There’s an option in between “add more photos” and “upload photos” that asks if you would like to make them public or private. That’s up to you!]

Step 2 will then prompt you to describe your photos (after a short uploading wait). Here, you’ll just want to give your photo a name, description, and some tags. The name and descriptions should be easy, but I might want to explain a tag. A tag is a single word that you would use to describe your photos. This way, people can search or browse through the tags. Take a look at my photos to see what my tags are.

When you are done naming, you would then click on “Save This Batch. Here’s where you will see “Your Photos.” The most recent being on top.

Now, back to WordPress for a second. By the way, I would recommend using two browsers, it’s just easier to navigate with both of the sites open. (You can open a new window easily by hitting Ctrl+N on a PC, or Apple Key+N on a Mac). You would write a post as you normally would, but this time, if you wanted to add a picture, you would be able to. Put your cursor wherever you want the picture to be placed, then click the icon in the post-toolbar that looks like a picture of a green tree. When you do so, a small box will appear, asking for your image’s URL (and other things). This is where Flickr comes into play.

Back in “Your Photos” in Flickr, you should click on the picture you wish to use. The picture will enlarge to it’s true size. Located above the photo you will see various prompts. One will say “all sizes.” You will want to click on that. The photo will enlarge even more, and you will see all of the “available sizes” located above the picture. For a post on WordPress, I would recommend choosing Medium (but you could go smaller, if you wanted). After you click on medium, the picture size would change and you would then scroll down.

The title “To link to this photo on other websites…” will be below the picture, and even below that, you will see an option to “grab this photo’s URL.” Copy that URL, then head back over to WordPress. With the “insert image” box still open, you would paste the Flickr URL that you just copied into the “Image URL spot.”

Then, all you would do is click save. Voila! Your image is successfully in your post.

I hope that wasn’t too overwhelming for you folks, I know that this was a long post, Whew! But, in reality, it’s really a simple process. Let me know if you need any other help.

Cheers, Ray



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6 responses to “Uploading Pictures to a Post

  1. jmdegan

    Okay, I just tried to set up one of these cutsey little picture things (my daughter Ethne, eating ice cream), so this is just testing it out.

    J. Degan

  2. rayhedrick

    Good job, Jerry. You now have yourself an avatar. Next you should try to put that picture in a post!

    Great picture of you daughter, by the way!

    Ray H.

  3. ll123

    Well, I still have problem in doing that, It sounds so complicated to me…Oh, my God! Here I should say: oh, Rescue me, Ray!

  4. canadawr5

    I don’t have any pictures yet, I have to take some first. I have some pictures of other women but I think they are too obscene to post so I will just take some nice and pretty ones of myself and then post.

    Then, I’ll definately be onboard!

  5. canadawr5

    That last post about being onboard was mine by the way. Just in case you didn’t know by my last name.
    I know how we have to place our names at the bottom of the page and all.

    Ray C.

  6. Pictures

    My project this weekend is to set up flickr and figure out how to add a picture to my blog. thanks for the post. I know it will be helpful. -Mandy

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