English Education

I graduated from the University at Albany and I wonder if I have ever met Yagelski and did not even know it? I like how Yagelski gives us the history of the english language so that we may better understand the state that it is in today.

He points out some amazing facts:

53 million students attend American schools

96% of them are school aged population (5-17 years old)

all of them are required to take english

This is further evidence of why english and the humanities department should get just as much respect as every other field in the relm of higher education. He points out that no other subject has been so widely required in schools. He has a problem with how new teachers are being taught (how to be teachers) and how english studies is often seperated from english teachers cirriculum.

Well, I do believe that the graduate studies english education program at UAlbany is pathetic,(which is one of the reasons why I came here) even though the UAlbany undergrad program is one of the top in the country.

When people here “party school” they usually associated the term with UAlbany and it may be a party school compared to Harvard or Princeton. However, it is not a party school compared to the rest of the colleges in the country and it is well in fact better than 90% of them (read the Princeton Review) so I thought that I might clear up that misconception.

Ray C.



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2 responses to “English Education

  1. sunyprof

    Ray, what are your criticisms of the U/Albany grad program in English Ed? I’m interested. KES

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