I work too hard!

Some of my blogs are missing, I know I had more than the amount that I can find. I’m just putting this out there because I do not want to be accussed of not blogging when I know that I did but its just not listed anymore.

We haven’t been in school that long so I should be able to find ALL my blogs. I know a student last semester said that they couldn’t find some of their blogs when they know that they wrote them. Ray Hendrick and I fixed the last mistakes last week so everything should be good now, I am watching!

Ray C.


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One response to “I work too hard!

  1. sunyprof

    Ray, initially some blogs weren’t posted because folks hit “save” and not publish.

    That might be an explanation.

    Also, you can actually click into the calendar day by day and see what you posted that day. You can also go to the “manage” tab on the dashboard and see the list of all of the posts made to date on the blog. Take a look and see if the ones you think are missing are on that list.

    No one removed posts. If they’re not here they weren’t posted. Sorry! KES

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