NYSEC Conference

Has anyone checked out the NYSEC site yet, regarding information on the upcoming conference? If you haven’t, you should! While browsing, I just realized that Dr. Azar Nafisi is speaking– she is the author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, which interests me greatly. She is speaking about Literacy and Social Justice– how appropriate to our studies. I started her book, but I couldn’t get into it at all, and I hate not finishing a book. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. However, in the book that I am reviewing, one of the women talks about how sometimes the timing isn’t right for certain books, or the reader’s mood is off. I hope to return to this memoir at some point. Has anyone else read it?

Back to the conference: this was all I could find on the website (nysecteach.org) I didn’t see anything about Kozol or Amy Tan, who are also speaking. I did access the registration form, and if you can stay with family or friends in the city, it looks like the event itself is very affordable. Let me know if anyone accesses the site and finds additional information. I am interested to learn more. MANDY



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7 responses to “NYSEC Conference

  1. sunyprof

    Mandy, thanks for the info…I’m on the NYSEC Board. In fact, we’re meeting this weekend in Albany. I encourage you to join the organization.

    I admit I really liked the Azar book. I think it’s an uneven and fragmented narrative yes. But I did find it an important book. I would encourage you to go back to it.

    This year NYSEC is collaborating with NCTE to put on a mega-conference. Normally NYSEC’s conference is held in Albany every October.

    Has your mom gone in past years? I hope you are thinking about trying to go! Maybe you can encourage a couple of classmates to go to NY. That would be terrific! KES

  2. ll123

    I would like to read some of Amy Tan’s books for my book club readings. I definitely want to go to New York City for this conference that Dr. Stearns mentioned last night. I need contact somebody over there to see if I can stay at their house for two nights because it is too expensive to stay in a hotel. It is probably around $130 a night based upon my past experience. by L. L.

  3. allison

    I also had trouble finding exactly what would be offered at the conference. All that I could find were luncheons and dinner galas, which cost extra money so I would not be able to attend these. I did access the workshops. There is a tab at the left that you can click on to find a list of them. They look extremely interesting. Does anyone know if those cost extra money too?

    As far as Reading Lolita, my aunt and my grandmother read it and passed it along to me. They both gave it rave reviews, but I have not had a chance to touch it yet. It also interests me, so hopefully I’ll get the chance to take a look at it. I hear it’s an interesting way to look at texts and culture.

  4. sunyprof

    This is a better link perhaps: http://www.ncte.org/profdev/conv/annual/first/125232.htm to at least more overview of the conference.

    Registration at $90 for students is a bargain. This is a packed conf. schedule which is dizzying in its offerings. The difficulty will be in deciding what to attend in any given hour.

    Yes, day long workshops are extra at $125 for students.

    If you can locate cheap/free housing (Li, I’m afraid your estimate of $130 a night is about right–IF you have a roommate to share expenses. KES

  5. allison

    Thank you for that link. It is certainly more helpful than what I have already found.

  6. Mandy McKenney

    Thank you for the link– And I also found out that my mom and some of her fellow teachers are going to NYC for the conference as well. I need to try and rearrange some things with the English Club, because I would love to go.

  7. sunyprof

    Mandy, that would be wonderful. Does the club meet this Tues.? Perhaps you could encourage Eng. Ed. students to go. Are you planning to go with your mom and other teachers? Who in our class would like to go? KES

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