Book Club Tonight

I’m looking forward to seeing what your newest book club selections are for our meeting tonight.

Lesesne’s terrific chapter should pump us up for investigating new titles/formats and ways of reading that engage adolescent–and adult–readers.

See you at 7 with lots of books in hand. We have 4 different texts–Beers, Appleman, Tyson and Atwell–plus book club selections we need to bring to class tonight. KES

P.S. Please bring back any books you are NOT currently reading or reviewing so that they can continue to circulate.


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  1. ll123

    Book Club ( (9/18)
    Hi, All,
    I am so sorry that I can’t attend tonight’s class due to sickness. Last week, I read somebody’s posting that mentioned the author Amy Tan. I went to the library and borrowed Tan’s non-fiction The Opposite of Fate–A Book of Musings. This book has 548 pages in total, so I decide to divide it into four times of book club readings with around 130 pages each week.
    Amy Tan is from a family with mixed beliefs: her father firmly believed God, while her mother only believed fate. Her family faced real challeges: both her father and elder brother died of brain tumors, which was considered as a family curse by her mother. Tan questioned what is fate and it’s opposite. The book challenges us–the reader the same: Do we consider the certain circumstance as fate? Do we view it as Chinese people concept as luck, or Christian concept of God’s will, or Amerian pelple’s concept of choice? As I don’t feel well recently, I often thought about such things. To me , we are lucky to be on this earth and breath the fresh air day in and day out. I have never thought about the value of it —the very basic thing God gives us free. Is it fate, God’s will, our own choice, or luck(not pigs or dogs, etc.) ?
    By L. L.

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