Posting Book Reviews

Dear Teachers, Book reviews are due to be posted on Tuesday. When I first set up the blog I thought that the tabbed pp. were actually “pages.” Only later did I discover they are comment only pages.

Sofia has written to me about her concern about that her review did not post as she had formatted it to appear on the main page of the blog. So I’ve spaced it to make it a bit more readable and have moved it to the “reviewers” page so that we keep all of the reviews together there. Let’s see how that works. It’s not the ideal that I had hoped for but we’ll have to live with it on this free blog site.

Sofia does an excellent job reviewing the Tankersley book. We all look forward to reading all of the reviews.

And I ask that, in addition to your blog post, you submit a hard copy of the review to me on Tuesday when we meet in my office OR if you don’t have an appt. with me on Tuesday, that you submit it when we do meet sometime this week.

I encourage you to title your book review. Titles point directly to what you plan to focus on in your review.

Thanks! KES


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