Students take on world’s challenges

Hi everyone,

I just read the article from the Christian Science Monitor and I found it very inspiring. What did everyone else think? Imagine kids getting so involved in their world at such a young age!

I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience of doing something that “matters” in high school.

Personally, I never did anything on this scale. One of my English teachers was always making us enter poetry and playwriting contests. I won one of them and that got me more interested in writing, but it was a very individualized experience. As I think about it, all of my work in high school was extremely individualized. Sometimes we would write editorials for class, but we never sent them to the paper. Everything was contained within the school. Did anyone have a different experience?



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  1. sunyprof

    Isn’t this Prof. Yagelski’s vision? Isn’t this what we talk about when we talk about teaching for social justice/equity/a healthy planet?

    I specifically wanted you all to read this CS Monitor story to support your envisioning your “unit” as having significance for students beyond the classroom.

    I see adolescents as just waiting for us to give them something important to do. Some of them don’t need us to do it–others do! Let’s mentor those others and learn from the kids who already get it. And you will meet them in your classes. I promise you that. KES

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