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Every time I see my little avatar come up next to a post I’ve published, I feel like all of you are going to wonder who that little man is!  This is Thomas Wolfe, the late Romantic writer.  I chose this picture because it depicts the way he wrote all of his fiction, 10,000 words at a time!!!  Here is photographed standing on a milk carton in his apartment, writing Look Homeward Angel on tiny pieces of paper with a pencil.  He would throw all of these small papers into a big box and bring them to his editor and say, “I’m finished.  It’s all there!” 

 This always inspired me because Wolfe was definitely one of those Romantics who let the creative forces of the moment overwhelm him.  (Of course, other Romantics like Poe are not on my “hero” list, but you get the idea….)

 So anyway, I feel better now that I’ve told you all about my little man here!  -Sofia


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