The elusive English Journal

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone had received their English Journal yet. Yesterday I received a lovely catalog from NCTE, so I could order more things that I would presumably never receive. But no journal. Has anyone else gotten theirs?




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6 responses to “The elusive English Journal

  1. sunyprof

    Yes, Allison this delay has been annoying to me too. I called NCTE this afternoon and they were shipped on the 17th. Of course not first class.

    It seems to me it should be any day now. Let’s see! KES

  2. rayhedrick

    I know, seriously! I would love to have my official NCTE member card also.

  3. sunyprof

    Yea, well, that and a nickel will still not buy you a cup of coffee — even in Cortland. Did anyone else get his/her card? KES

  4. jmdegan

    When I contacted customer service to voice my indignant outrage, I was told the EJ could take up to two weeks from when it was sent.

    Oh, Ray, I got MY official NCTE membership card weeks ago. Its hanging in a tasteful frame over my desk. Whenever I need to feel good about myself I look at it and say, I belong to a professional organization. It’s wonderful.

    Actually, I think I lost it.

    J. Degan

  5. sofiapenna

    Hi everyone, sorry that I can’t agree with your waiting and wondering woes. I actually received my journal around Sept. 20th. Hopefully by next class you all will have yours, too. I promise that once you receive it, the articles will prove worth your wait!!! Please check out Karen Moynihan’s aricle on page 69, “A Collectibles Project: Engaging Students in Authentic Multimodal Research and Writing.” I really liked her approach, but I don’t want to give too much away until all of you have gotten a chance to read it, too! -Sofia

  6. allison

    YAY mine came in the mail yesterday! Sophia, I had read that article online. It is great!
    Did you notice the article on Podcasting (p.31)? I have to point out that if we choose to do this or a similar exercise in our own classes, we should teach the students about attribution in spoken communication. If you read the excerpt on p. 32 from the students’ cast, you will notice that the students do not attribute the excerpt in the actual spoken text of their podcast. M.T. Anderson could sue!
    Other than that, great article, great exercise! Everyone should check it out!

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