Allington, Chapt. 18

The statistics were startling when it showed that both poor and minority students at twelfth grade read at the same level as eighth grade non poor and non minority students.

I agree that students who have trouble reading need to be helped constanly until they are able to get back on track.

One way to do this is through positive affirmations by letting the students know that you as the teacher care about their progress.

Ray Canada



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3 responses to “Allington, Chapt. 18

  1. sunyprof

    No question these statistics about the disparity in reading levels are very very painful for us to take in. Are positive affirmations and “caring” enough? What else is needed? KES

  2. rayhedrick

    I think that one important method that would really help these students has to do with engaging them.

    How can we get the students engaged?

    Well, first I would suggest that we, as teachers, find something that the struggling readers are passionate about, something they would want to read. Maybe then they will start reading.

    We could also start them low. Give them something that would be easy for them to read… get them “hooked on reading.” Then we could challenge them to get better and better.

    Ray’s right, though. We need to be positive and legitimately care about the struggling reader’s progress. Which, I would argue, any teacher would.

  3. rayhedrick

    excuse me… what I meant to say is; Which, I would argue, any “good” teacher would.

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