How do you like this high school principal? Listen to this podcast!

Did anyone liisten to this NPR interview with a principal at Cherry Hill West HS in N.J. who’s joined students in tackling the summer reading lists? Interesting.

Have you subscribed to the NCTE INBOX Blog. I recommend it. Do take a look. KES


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One response to “How do you like this high school principal? Listen to this podcast!

  1. ll123

    I cannot access the listening material for the Meloche’s interview in the local library. Maybe it is because I haven’t signed up for the NCTE. Well, just from the short paragraph of introduction, I think that Joe Meloche, the principal from New Jersey, is doing something amazing. He is trying to wear the children’s shoes in order to feel how they feel. His action creates a close connection between him as a principal and students. Even though I can’t listen to the above conversation, I did find something from this posting: one children’s classic book that recommended by Sarah Ruhl (the famous playwright who is a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize) quite interesting. It sounds quite interesting to me since I have a son– a book lover, and he might be interested in this book called Goodnight Moon, a short poem of goodwishes by a rabbit who says goodnight to anything he sees. I remember that one of my professors in college once said that the most profound philosophy is from children’s simple books. I think that I’d like to borrow it from the library for my son to see if he loves it.
    Posted by L. L.

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