Sequence of Instruction

Hi everyone,

I was just hoping to get some feed back on my unit. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Question: How can we improve our community?

What Shape does your Footprint make?


Enduring understanding: Students will understand  their place in a community and their potential to improve that community.

Students will also understand

-the concept of community/ what makes a community

-the problems that can exist in their community and other communities

-possible methods for causing positive change

-the effect their efforts can have

The five weeks of instruction will be centered around these four points. Each week will address one of these points (of course with some overlap). The final week will be built around student presentations of their culminating projects.

Culminating project (to be worked on over the course of the unit):

The student will select a problem in the school or local community. He or She must research it, interpret it, examine different perspectives, and identify a method for improvement. He or she must then apply their method for improvement. Each student must keep a journal, blog, or website of their findings.  In the final week of the unit, the student must make a presentation to the class to raise awareness about the issue.

Possible Texts

Central texts:

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

God Grew Tired of Us: The story of the Lost Boys of the Sudan (film)

Other texts:

-The poems of Langston Hughes

Chicken Soup for the teenage soul (Does anyone else know of a text written by teens that would help them develop empathy for their peers)

-Clips from PBS documentary The Mystery of Love

-Onondaga Nation’s Brighten the Chain video, paired with a short story about a native American community from the past.

If anyone has some suggestions I would greatly appreciate the help. I especially need help coming up with more texts. Let me know what you think! Thanks!



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One response to “Sequence of Instruction

  1. allison

    After much searching I have found another great book to use.
    The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
    by Sherman Alexie.

    It should work well with the unit since I also have a documentary about the Onondaga nation in it.

    I really, seriously, could use some help/ suggestions on this whole project though. I’m feeling a little lost…. I’m not sure if I’m on the right track and if I’m doing what we are supposed to be doing….

    Karen, are there any examples of how these componets should look?

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