Feedback Needed on S of I

While assembling my three SI unit pieces for tomorrow’s class, I began to consider the sub-questions to my main question, which is “What does gender mean to you?”  I have a range of sub-questions dealing with gender in the workforce, gender and the law, and gender in the media, etc, but I think these issues are too large to explore in 5 weeks. As I compile my S of I, I think I am going to focus on gender in the media. I think this will be a great way to engage my students. I want to have them look at how gender roles are portrayed on TV, in advertisements, in mainstream sports, on Broadway, in music, in video games, on myspace, in comics, and obviously in various literary texts as well. Does this seem like a better path to follow, rather than try and do gender and law, and gender in the workforce and gender and the media ? As important as I find these topics, ideally they will still come up in class discussion since many of the media sources students will be using also connect with these gender issues. What does everyone think? I am anxious for feedback on this!




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3 responses to “Feedback Needed on S of I

  1. sunyprof

    Mandy, I regret that I’m the first to jump on this post but I am an avid blog reader–and I care very deeply about this blog.

    I think you must focus…and I would also focus even the essential question much more pointedly than “what does gender mean to you?” Is that a ? you can get kids excited about? Focus that essential question on media.

    I think the media focus is a natural one, yes.

    I hope your classmates will offer some feedback as well. Do work to narrow even further your essential question. KES

  2. mandygrl101

    I am trying to come up with a play on words for my new media-focused S of I question. I am thinking of something like “Whose role is it anyway?” (A play on words for the TV show Whose line is it anyway) I think this is interesting because not only does it highlight the main issue of gender roles, but it also relates to the roles played by people in the media as well. Any thoughts? Or what about something like “Who’s your daddy?” –Since the male chromosome determines if a baby is a male or female. Any ideas?!


  3. jmdegan

    I don’t have a catchy question for you, but, as the father of what I hope will one day be a very strong, independent woman, I am distressed by the trend in the media to transform women into common gendered commodities (as in Gray’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives). Even the appearance of the first woman anchor of an evening news cast has been disappointing. I would ask how does the media confront (or reinforce) gender stereotypes? I would lean toward the latter.

    J. Degan

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