Field Trip To School Without Walls

Dear Teachers, I have been waiting day to day for the principal of School W/out Walls to clarify his travel to Albany.

I just got word from him (after much pestering on my part) that he IS able to host us on the 16th. So our field trip is scheduled for next week as originally planned.

I regret that he could not be firm about this until this afternoon but I am glad that we can arrange for rides tonight in class.

So we will be going to Rochester on the 16th and NOT meeting in the evening per usual.

We need to be on site by 10:00 and we will leave the school between 2:00 and 2:30.

Dan has scheduled a full day for us in classrooms and meeting w/teachers and students. KES


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  1. ll123

    Dr. Stearns,
    How long does it take for us to drive to Rochester from Cortland campus? ( one way) Posted by L. L.

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