Lesson Planning Template and an Invitation

As I see new posts on the beginnings of unit plan design, I suggest that if you are beginning to write a first lesson plan (as one of 5 required for the sequence of instruction), these UbD templates work well.


Note that one of these templates does not include references to the state standards. We will include the specific standards performance indicators in our unit planning.

For 10/9, please bring 3 pieces of your unit plan for review. Include the initial planning template with your essential questions as one of these pieces. Bring 2 extra copies for peer review.

**Bring a sandwich or snack and join me at 6:00 (or anytime thereafter) in the foyer outside my office for an informal office hour chat about unit design. You are welcome to use any resources from my “library” that you find useful–thus the less than aesthetically pleasing location for the chat!KES


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One response to “Lesson Planning Template and an Invitation

  1. sofiapenna

    I will try to make it tomorrow at 6….will be just getting out of work at 5/5:30 in Binghamton.

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