Help!! Did anyone pick up an extra copy of BEERS last week in class. My copy has gone missing and I have turned my apartment inside out! And I have been bringing it everywhere with me, so I am not feeling very hopeful about recovering it at this point. Please have good news!




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3 responses to “My BEERS is MIA

  1. sunyprof

    I have it Mandy. But I didn’t know who the extra book belonged to!! Everyone, put your name in your books! You can pick it up tomorrow–I’ll be in from about 2:30 till class time. KES

  2. mandygrl101

    Ahhh! Amen. Phew. I can now stop running around like a mad woman. Thank you !

  3. ll123

    Oh, I don’t have the Beers book either. Dr. Stearns, do you have another extra copy? Li

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