On the celebration of false heroes

I missed my opportunity to sound my disgust at the continued celebration of America’s “discovery” some five hundred years ago.  The atrocities carried out against the Indigenous people of the Americas in the name of European imperialism is no cause for celebration.  The stories we tell ourselves about these meetings is a foundational issue to the kind of critique I’m trying to engage in my unit.  So much more could be said if we remembered all of the stories, not just the ones that are safe and self-serving.

 My suggestion this (now day after) Columbus Day is that you read the poem of that title, written by Jimmie Durham.  Then think about what this celebration means.

J. Degan



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2 responses to “On the celebration of false heroes

  1. sunyprof

    Where’s the poem Jerry? Can you share it here? Thanks! KES

  2. jmdegan

    Not sure about copyrights and online publication, but I’ll bring copies to class for any interested.

    J. Degan

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