Feminism Revisited.

I am excited about how interested everyone seemed in putting on a feminist lens. I thought class discussion tonight was great and a lot of meaningful questions were asked relating to what we, as educators, want our adolescent students to consider while using a feminist lens. I wanted to post the questions we discussed in class, in hopes that everyone will use them one day in future classrooms! Feel free to add more as you think about this lens.

1. What does the female character do in the book? What do her actions/behaviors say about our society?

2. Who sacrifices things in the book? What is gained or lost and for whom?

3. What plots are available to female characters?

4. How are girls influenced in the book?

5. Are female characters presented differently in texts written by men vs. texts written by women?

6 . How do female characters reinforce or resist certain social attitudes towards women? (Appleman)

7. What is the male gaze?

Also, I found this little activity very interesting in relation to the topic I presented tonight. How would you punctuate this phrase: woman without her man is nothing

Let me know! I will tell you how the activity unfold after people attempt it!



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  1. sunyprof

    Thanks for sharing these questions Mandy. I would add:

    • How are girls and women described in the text?

    • What is their relationship to boys/men in the text?

    • What options/choices does the text make available to the female characters?


    I’ll leave the activity to all of you–I don’t want to influence your punctuation…

    Thanks for seeding such a great discussion last night Mandy.

    Now I would like to see your classmates (and you) posting on how they are reading the female characters in book club selections. KES

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