Another Gruwellian Role Model…

Hi everyone,

I watched a movie last night that was ravingly recommended to me by someone who works with adolescents. It’s called The Ron Clark Story starring Matthew Perry (totally hot). Its based on a real guy and a real story. You can read more about Clark on his website.

I was wondering if anyone else was familiar with Ron Clark. I thought of all of you last night while I was watching it when Ron Clark bragged that he “specializes in raising test scores.” The movie pretty much revolves around raising the standardized test scores of a group of students from Harlem. The climax of the movie is when they take the test and get their scores back! While this was laughable at some points, the movie was redeeming in that it attempted to show that students who are labelled “remedial” are indeed capable of meeting or surpassing the standards of the honors classes.

Just thought I’d share…. thoughts, anyone?



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  1. sunyprof

    A, yes, the Ron Clark “industry” you mean. Here are some of his books for those of you who are interested.

    I’m suspicious of folks who “market” to “tips” to teachers. I haven’t seen the movie but I have read his “The Essential 55” (as in tips). I don’t think good teaching is about platitudes. Books like this and the Wongs’ The First Days of School bother me.

    I think I should examine why these popularizers of “tips” for educators leave me cold. Actually I think the Wongs are condescending to teachers.

    You said you found the R. Clark film laughable at moments. Do a critical reading of the film–a theoretical reading.

    How does it seem to reify what it puports to resist–that is stereotypes of “urban” teens??? KES

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