From this Saturday to Sunday of next week, teachers receive 25% off at B&N for materials they would be using in their classrooms–to me that neon sign flashes “BOOKS.” That’s a significant discount if you are buying several titles. I often buy Christmas presents during this week.

You will need teacher proof of course. If you do not know a teacher who is willing to make this trip with you or who will let you borrow a teacher ID, I recommend you use your NCTE card–if you have received it–to prove you are a teacher. I have used it many times for same.

If you don’t have a card and don’t know a teacher (pity you), let me know if there are any titles you would like me to buy for you at that discount and I’ll get them. I’m going to buy the National Book Award nominees in the YA category if they’re in stock. I doubt they will be–but I’m headed there today to put them on order and hope that they come in before the discount period ends. KES


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  1. canadawr5

    I just received my NCTE card ealier this week. It doesn’t look like much but professor Kennedy said that placing the organization on our resume will impress employers. Until then, I guess I’ll just try and get some discounts on some books.

    Ray C.

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