Tuesday Thought

Mandy, Ray & Jessica:

I’ll be getting coffee at McDonald’s just before I arrive at school on Tuesday morning to leave for our fieldtrip.  If anyone would like something there, please put your orders in now & I’ll get that for you.  Otherwise, I am packing granola bars and orange juice in the car for everyone to share.  🙂  -Sofia



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6 responses to “Tuesday Thought

  1. mandygrl101

    Aww thanks! I am actually going to the Dunkin on campus as well and I was going to grab some treats for the ride. Thank you though, and see you Tuesday.


  2. sunyprof

    So you’re going to arrive at SWW on a sugar high!!

    Thoughtful Sofia and Mandy to think of your fellow/sister travelers. KES

  3. sofiapenna

    We have a dunkin donuts on campus?! where have I been and where is this dunkin donuts? -Sofia

  4. mandygrl101

    haha! It is in Corey Union– do you know where Corey is? If you are coming down the hill of campus so that the Library is on your right, it is the building on the right after the construction site, at the bottom of the hill. It is on ground level in Corey. Does this sound familiar?


  5. rayhedrick

    It’s a little late now, but I had planned on bringing something too!

    I’ll see you all bright and early on Tuesday morning.

    -Ray H.

  6. jexter1

    You’re so kind and thoughtful! Normally I would jump on McDonald’s coffee, but I am working on not drinking coffee so frequently. haha I’ll be bringing Green tea, but thank you! See you tomorrow bright & early.

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