Coalition of Essential Schools Web Site

Good idea to read a bit about the Coalition before tomorrow’s field trip. SWW was configured on and informed by Coalition philosophies/structures. Reading more about this network of schools around the country will add perspective to what we will see and hear.

I’ve had a question about dress for tomorrow and happily tell you that you should dress professionally. I’m sure the faculty at SWW will be casually dressed–or most of them will. I don’t know if the school has a dress code. But we should be dressed as if we are teaching professionals. Thanks! KES

Directions once again here:

School is at 480 Broadway.

Thruway west to VICTOR exit, #45.

490 West to Goodman St Exit (this is a long stretch–c. 15 miles)

Continue straight through the exit (don’t turn onto Goodman here) and go through 3 traffic lights.

Immediately after the 3rd light, School Without Walls will be on the right hand side.

Park in the parking lot.

Office is to the left of the main doors.

If you have any questions about these directions, J, get back to me.

I will meet you in the office at 10.

I know you’re driving alone so I hope you take your cell and the school’s phone number with you just in case:

585) 546-6732

I look forward to seeing you there at 10:00.


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