Do Men Have a Place in the Classroom?

The feminization of teaching has gotten way out of control. Women have controlled the profession since the 1890’s but now it’s affecting our youth. If there are no male teachers then how do boys know if it’s okay to be smart? Young males all across the country are falling behind their female counterparts and many are even getting into trouble. All of our school shootings have been carried out by disgruntled male students. Without education, violence is inevitable so the needs of our young men can not continue to be ignored. I talked about the recent Mens Movement that has been going on for a few years now and many people wondered what I was talking about. The article below is about the shortage of male teachers (in primary and secondary education) in our schools.

Ray C.


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One response to “Do Men Have a Place in the Classroom?

  1. sunyprof

    Ray, the numbers in secondary ed are much higher of course. What can we do about the shortage of men in classrooms?

    The reasons laid out in this article have always been the problem–money, construction of teaching as women’s work, numbers of men teaching for only a few years as “training” for going into administration where there’s better money and more power, etc. etc.

    It was ever thus. Although I’m surprised to see the numbers of men in elem. schools are dropping even below less than 20%.

    So what do we do? KES

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