Comment on Public Education in America

I left SWW and came home to this article from the TIMES. Worth juxtaposing with our experiences today. KES



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2 responses to “Comment on Public Education in America

  1. rayhedrick

    The last quote, on the last page, seems to remind me of SWW. For whom are schools designed? I am by no means saying that SWW is a perfect system; however, I might be willing to suggest that this system recognizes the fact that what we are doing is just not working. This article is only more proof. So now what?

  2. canadawr5

    I like how they uncover the fact that the state always talks about taking over failing schools but no matter how worse the schools continue to get, the state continues to do nothing. They don’t even help the school officials administer new programs or reconstruct the system by making schools smaller. The state doesn’t want any part of reforming the school system. They just threaten and continue to threaten and in the end nothing gets done.

    Ray C.

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