Class on 10/23–Catching Up After Our Field Trip

It’s been two weeks since we’ve been in our OM classroom. I have appreciated all of your posts on your experience at SWW. If you would like to send a special thank you to any of the teachers you met at SWW, here is the teacher contact list. I encourage you to write a note to a teacher you want to stay in touch with or simply thank for her/his hospitality on the 16th.

On Tuesday night, Prof. Donna Mahar and two local Atwell style teachers and Cortland grads (from Jamesville Dewitt Middle School and Newfield HS) will be visiting our class for continued discussion of reading (and writing) in middle and high school classrooms. We should have a lively discussion. We will start with book club as usual. If you have reviewed your second title, be sure to select a new book for book club discussions this week. Your classmates can read your new review on the blog. I’m looking forward to digging into these second reviews as soon as all the feedback on unit plans is on its way to you.

Please read and post on ch. 2 — the Margaret Finders piece (the handout I gave you on 10/16) as preparation for thinking about middle level ELA classrooms, and changing constructs of English in general. Jillian commented on her reaction to that chapter in an earlier post. You have a network of texts to reference as you read and think about the Finders’ chapter.

Jillian and Ray will facilitate our discussions of Psychoanalytic and African-American frameworks for understanding texts.

We will review the requirements for the unit planning, focusing on those enduring and essential (unit) understandings and essential and unit questions. Return to the UbD template for planning support. And do post insights from the last chapters I handed out as they are relevant to your work on sequencing instruction.

If you are reading a YA title that may lend itself to your applying various theoretical frames to the text, do post discussion about it in the YA Lit blog tab above.

That tab was created for discussions of YA titles you are finding interesting and relevant for your classrooms.

We can talk more about the YA title essay assignment on Tuesday night. You will want to choose a book that will support a strong critical reading. I have lots of suggestions for books that will do just that and I’ll be bringing some of the 2007 National Book Award nominees to class on Tuesday You can read the first few chapters and reviews of SKIN HUNGER: A RESURRECTION OF THE MAGIC, one I do not yet have.

If you have not yet received feedback from me on your unit sequence it will be in your email no later than tomorrow a.m. Do continue to post discussions of your unit plans. I love to read them. You are focused on so many engaging topics. The more we share, the richer the menu of possibilities for all of us. DO BRING additional pieces of your plan to class on Tuesday night for more feedback from me and from your classmates. These may be pieces you have been refining since receiving feedback on draft pieces, or new components you have been working on in the last two weeks. KES



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4 responses to “Class on 10/23–Catching Up After Our Field Trip

  1. sofiapenna

    Thanks for all the details on where we stand since the trip to SWW. -Sofia

  2. jexter1

    Yes, thank you for the update. Also, I discussed with Sofia switching topics for our lessons next Tuesday (10/30). Originally, Sofia was doing Deconstruction and I was doing Structuralism. I was hoping that, with your permission since she already told me the change is fine with her, she and I can swap topics. I have been wanting to research deconstruction for a while. Please let me know. Thanks! ~Jessica

  3. sunyprof

    Of course, Jessica and Sofia. Switch by all means.

    Appleman does some nice work on deconstruction.

    The key is to have a text you work with — as illustrative of how to work with the theory.

    Raph’s movie clip and Mandy’s magazine covers are examples. KES

  4. jexter1

    Great, thank you. ~Jess

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