Lovely Article about Teens and Reading YA Lit

Just sharing–Who says teens don’t read? Teens report that “they’re attracted to the printed word because today’s literature honestly reflects their lives.”

Jessica, sounds like you found a good example of that this week. Note the other titles teens interviewed for this article mention.

Do check out this teacher website–signs of change! I think you’ll be surprised to see the course an English teacher has developed and is teaching at East-Syracuse Minoa High School. KES



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3 responses to “Lovely Article about Teens and Reading YA Lit

  1. ll123

    Kenneth Lindblom’s article Teaching English in the World is very useful for English classroom teachers. Lindblom suggests that teachers can engage students in popular cultural texts “in a spirit both playful and intellectual.” Students can be guided through the process from reading as fans to reading as critics. The author , by using Harry Potter as an example, shows us how class, gender, race, sexual orientation play in this most popular book. Even though the classic literature texts have dominated the classroom shelf for decades, we should challenge it by adopting Lindblom’s method in using young adult novels in our classrooms, especially those books that have everything to do with teen’s real lives. Posted by L. L.

  2. ll123

    What I like most about the article Approaches to Reading with Multiple Lenses of Interpretation is Troise’s message, “reading is not about getting a single, correct interpretation.” It explains why she trains her students by using multiple lenses to examine their readings and receive various interpretations. The teaching of literary theories in high school is normally a headache to many teachers, yet in Melissa Troise’s classroom, we see a success in practicing training students to be not passive readers but active critics. Posted by L. L.

  3. sunyprof

    Yes, I agree Li Li. Did you check out the graphic titles this local high school teacher is using in his elective? Pretty neat. KES

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