Raph here.

I was on Wikipedia this morning, looking for some information on my hometown of Binghamton (which has just recently been ranked among Flint, MI and Dayton, OH as one of the worst cities for job growth in America) and I found a video from Jimmy Wales (the creator of Wikipedia) that explains the importance of technology like this free online encyclopedia in creating critical discourses around the world. After watching this video I can’t help but feel as though I take this technology for granted. Follow the link below to watch the video:

I’m interested in seeing how often everyone uses this resource and whether or not American classrooms take advantage of all that it offers. Let me know what you guys think.



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3 responses to “Wikimania

  1. sunyprof

    Take a look at this video from Will Richardson* on how teachers can use this storehouse of the world’s knowledge.

    Thanks for posting your link Raph. 506 students are very familiar w/wikis. I hope they will do some commenting here. Ray? Jerry? Sofia? Mandy? What do you think? KES

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  3. sofiapenna

    Hey Raph,

    Yes, I am very familiar with wikis as I am a member of 506 this semester. I like to think of the wiki as a great big filing cabinet for content-specific information. Our real filing cabinets at home get disorganized, thrown to the curb, and outdated. Wikis, on the other hand, are always updated by other readers who are posting and feeding off of each other. They are available always, from any computer with internet access, and they are free!

    What I have found is that wikis are an excellent resource for lengthening the playing field of student knowledge. Wikis help us (the teachers) empower our students to actually teach each other and collaborate together on new concepts. The students ultimately become the facilitators of the lesson, and they can bring in any outside web resource to enhance their “published” contributions.

    You should check out a few ELA high school class wikis on the internet. It’s easy to do – just google it! You’ll find that many English teachers are using this tool successfully! -Sofia

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