Book Review #3–and Publication Credit?

I ordered some new titles over the weekend for review. A new expanded edition of the Wilhelm, now classic, YOU GOTTA BE THE BOOK, Teaching English by Design by Peter Smagorinsky that I hope will complement the McTighe/Wiggins UbD text, and a book about teaching with graphic novels I’m excited about. These titles are being released in November so there may be a little wait for them.

Do share a special interest/topic or title you are interested in reviewing for the last book review and I’ll see if I can find a copy for us.

This last review does not necessarily have to be the review you are writing for publication. You may revise one of your earlier reviews for publication of course. Timeliness is critical though. If you have a title you are very interested in for the third review, do share it here.

Each of you will receive an email with feedback on review #2 by tomorrow morning.



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3 responses to “Book Review #3–and Publication Credit?

  1. rayhedrick

    I am really, really interested in reviewing the book about how to teach graphic novels. So, if it is possible, I would LOVE to borrow GOING GRAPHIC, as it is very interesting to me.

    Plus, I’m sharing a lot of my graphic texts with my host teacher, and I would love to further my knowledge on how to teach them.

    Hopefully no one else has requested this yet.

  2. sunyprof

    Ok, great. Only problem is it’s not due to be published until early next mo. My copy is on order.

    There is another title you might look at Building Literacy Connections with Graphic Novels available from NCTE. KES

  3. rayhedrick

    Ok, that sounds good. I’ll check that out and see if I can get a copy.


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