Exhibitions and portfolios- Let’s get practical

Hey all,

What did everyone think of the Horace articles? I must say I found the methods very convincing. They reminded me of what we saw at SWW. I think when implementing these methods of authentic assessment, vigorous involvement of teachers and administrators is essential.  It is certainly more work for students and teachers when these individualized assessments are applied. The benefits of such practices are worth the work, though. Does anyone else wish that they could have investigated personal interests in high school? How about feeling like you have produced something worthwhile and real? I rarely felt like my work had a larger purpose in the world, besides turning it in to the teacher. This was the case in my undergraduate career as well. I say, lets get these kids feeling like their work is meaningful! Who’s with me?




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3 responses to “Exhibitions and portfolios- Let’s get practical

  1. sunyprof

    The HORACE articles are terrific. Thanks for posting on them Allison. You nail what should be the goal for all of us–an authentic assessment (“larger purpose”) of student performance. What are some new ways you are thinking about assessment? For your unit perhaps? KES

  2. allison

    I have come up with a new method for assessment in my unit. The final project will now be to create a “creative piece” that represents what they have learned about the community. They will write an essay reflection to go along with this. (I probably will not call it an essay when I assign it to the class. I might call it a narrative or something) This final project will be paired with the culminating activity. The culminating activity is a community celebration. During this celebration, the students will showcase their creative works (an “exhibition” of sorts.) The community celebration will be planned, advertised, and hosted by the students, and members of the community will be invited to attend.

    These activities and assessments address my new overarching understanding: We can be socially involved in our community and we can use texts to increase social involvement.

  3. sunyprof

    This is a good plan. My only caution is that you will need careful guidelines for the “creative” project to get at the skills/dispositions/knowledges this unit seeks to “teach.” I have seen too many miserable examples of student “project” work. HOW students will convey what they have learned (and I’m assuming the action they have taken and/or are taking) about their community is going to be at the heart of your being satisfied with the work students produce.

    Many years of experience teach one the pitfalls of less than satisfactory results of any kind of assessment of course. So do continue to think about what will constitute an exemplary exhibition.

    Here is where Coalition principles — the rubber — meets the road — quality work! I know you have looked at some of the HORACE articles on exhibition. Do you find some guidelines there for a quality performance? KES

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