“The times they are a’ [changed].”

Spurred by Raph’s post and a reminder from Dr. Stearns, I remembered that I wanted to write about one of Will Richardson’s recent posts.  In writing my Sequence of Instruction, I’ve been trying to keep what Richardson is saying in mind.  I keep returning, with reminders from Will and others, to the question of “what does it mean to teach kids how to read and write?”

I mean, these days reading and writing doesn’t just occur on paper.  There is digital reading and writing which may include and is not limited to: writing on blogs, wikis, instant messenger.  We must not forget that reading and writing can also include making an iMovie, podcast, and et cetera.

Over the past couple years I’ve learned much about multimodal literacy, and I am a strong believer in the importance of this.  So, in planning my SoI, I want to make sure that I include such things.  I’m hoping that when I am a teacher I will be able to experiment with all different types of literacies that will be relevant to the development of my students’ lives.  I think it’s important, as Will suggests, that it’s important to teach students how to read and write in different texts.  The times they are a’ [changed].

Sorry if that was boring, but I wanted to write about this to get some feedback… what do you folks think about this?  It just seems to make sense to me.


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