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Video for Structuralism Presentation

I will be using this video in our Structuralism discussion tonight! -Sofia

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BDT Word File

Backward Design Template

When I first started my SoI, I didn’t realize that I was supposed to fill out a Backward Design Template; I just figured that I would turn that “graph” into words. Now that I know it is necessary to fill this out, I took the time to convert the Backward Design Template from a PDF file to a Word document. This way I can just type into the blank spaces.

I’m writing this post so that I can attach the Word file, so that anyone who wants to can download it and type it out. Keep in mind that this is a tremendous conversion, and the file, at times, can still be hard to work with. Just double-click to work in the box that you would like to and write away. Good luck, All.

Ray H.


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Just Stay Positive and Lighten Up!!

I thought I would just enlighten you all on how our schools are doing nationwide. The importance that America places on education is very apparent in this article. We have plenty of reasons to “stay positive” because the cup is always half full. I never truly realized this until I read this story.

Please give me your positive thoughts, and solutions for a better tomorrow for our kids. Thank you and have a pleasant day!

The story is called 1 in 10 high schools but there are also a few other stories. You will know you have the right one when you see a black kid in a black shirt holding a pencil. When you see this, just click!


Ray C.

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Bringing Books To Class Tonight

Jessica’s post on deconstruction reminds me of the importance of having TYSON and APPLEMAN in class tonight. Very difficult for facilitators to be able to use the texts to illustrate their discussions if we don’t have our books. Thanks!! And go ahead–deconstruct this semiotic system. KES

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link to Derrida discussing deconstruction

Please let me know if this doesn’t work:


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Tonight I will be teaching as well as facilitating a brief discussion on the topic of deconstruction. I would like for you to think about the usefulness of studying deconstruction in the classroom, but why it is considered to be more appropriate for upperclassman at a high school level rather than junior high and the occasional 9th and 10th grades. How can deconstruction of texts be beneficial to adolescents educationally and personally?

If you search on YouTube.com under the subject “Derrida on deconstruction,” you will find several pieces of footage with Derrida explaining the complexity, yet importance of the deconstruction of texts. We, as society, interpret texts with the ideologies that have been constructed and taught to us over centuries. With references to Derrida and other renown writers, Appleman insists that we must read and think critically. Texts need to be viewed as part of an eccentric circle, rather than an enclosed bubble that society has limited learning to. Language is vague, irregular and constantly changing, so how can a text have one surface meaning?


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Focus on Class on 10/30

Themes for class:
* unit planning–binders and completed templates
* critical theories
* article for publication on a YA title of your choice (bring your choice YA title to class tonight. You may be considering a couple of titles. That’s ok; do bring them.)

Do bring your ringed binder tonight as a material case for continuing to organize the components of your unit plan.

Most important is to have first completed your template which focuses on:

• overarching/enduring and essential understandings and questions (consider the key understandings/questions our discipline embodies)

• unit understandings/questions

• remaining pieces of the template (evidence of understanding, knowledge and skills you will teach, learning activities that will equip students to achieve the targeted understandings)

We will continue to talk about the remaining pieces of the template tonight and share lesson plan formats (multiple formats get the job done) and the text sets we have been developing.

We will also discuss critical lenses (chapters in Tyson, Appleman and additional readings I handed out last week) with our facilitators tonight and consider our focus on a YA title of interest. BOOK CLUB tonight will focus on discussions of YA titles for critical analysis.

I look forward to seeing you. As always, I will be in my office before class. Come by if you want one-to-one feedback from me or just want to chat. You can also look over my YA collection if you are still looking for a title for the essay. And I am eager to see more cross talk on some of the class members’ recent great blog posts.

I hope we continue to have a lively discussion of our unit planning as well as the readings for this week. Do post or comment.


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