BDT Word File

Backward Design Template

When I first started my SoI, I didn’t realize that I was supposed to fill out a Backward Design Template; I just figured that I would turn that “graph” into words. Now that I know it is necessary to fill this out, I took the time to convert the Backward Design Template from a PDF file to a Word document. This way I can just type into the blank spaces.

I’m writing this post so that I can attach the Word file, so that anyone who wants to can download it and type it out. Keep in mind that this is a tremendous conversion, and the file, at times, can still be hard to work with. Just double-click to work in the box that you would like to and write away. Good luck, All.

Ray H.



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2 responses to “BDT Word File

  1. sunyprof

    Ray, thanks. That’s great. The template is your worksheet–that’s all. The information on the template is then folded in to all of the unit elements, esp. lesson plans. KES

  2. allison

    So our template is just supposed to be the worksheet filled out? Because I also re-typed and added to it.

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