Tonight I will be teaching as well as facilitating a brief discussion on the topic of deconstruction. I would like for you to think about the usefulness of studying deconstruction in the classroom, but why it is considered to be more appropriate for upperclassman at a high school level rather than junior high and the occasional 9th and 10th grades. How can deconstruction of texts be beneficial to adolescents educationally and personally?

If you search on under the subject “Derrida on deconstruction,” you will find several pieces of footage with Derrida explaining the complexity, yet importance of the deconstruction of texts. We, as society, interpret texts with the ideologies that have been constructed and taught to us over centuries. With references to Derrida and other renown writers, Appleman insists that we must read and think critically. Texts need to be viewed as part of an eccentric circle, rather than an enclosed bubble that society has limited learning to. Language is vague, irregular and constantly changing, so how can a text have one surface meaning?



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  1. sunyprof

    Jess, do you know how to put up the actual link to the YouTube video? If not, I can help. KES

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