Focus on Class on 10/30

Themes for class:
* unit planning–binders and completed templates
* critical theories
* article for publication on a YA title of your choice (bring your choice YA title to class tonight. You may be considering a couple of titles. That’s ok; do bring them.)

Do bring your ringed binder tonight as a material case for continuing to organize the components of your unit plan.

Most important is to have first completed your template which focuses on:

• overarching/enduring and essential understandings and questions (consider the key understandings/questions our discipline embodies)

• unit understandings/questions

• remaining pieces of the template (evidence of understanding, knowledge and skills you will teach, learning activities that will equip students to achieve the targeted understandings)

We will continue to talk about the remaining pieces of the template tonight and share lesson plan formats (multiple formats get the job done) and the text sets we have been developing.

We will also discuss critical lenses (chapters in Tyson, Appleman and additional readings I handed out last week) with our facilitators tonight and consider our focus on a YA title of interest. BOOK CLUB tonight will focus on discussions of YA titles for critical analysis.

I look forward to seeing you. As always, I will be in my office before class. Come by if you want one-to-one feedback from me or just want to chat. You can also look over my YA collection if you are still looking for a title for the essay. And I am eager to see more cross talk on some of the class members’ recent great blog posts.

I hope we continue to have a lively discussion of our unit planning as well as the readings for this week. Do post or comment.



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