Be Creative with Your Text Set

Do share some of your more interesting texts from your own text set–they will inspire all of us to look for provocative (and substantive) texts for our units! KES



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5 responses to “Be Creative with Your Text Set

  1. canadawr5

    How do you actually put the Youtube video on the screen? How do I Post it on the blog?

    Ray C.

  2. sunyprof

    Ray, you did this successfully with the slam you put up.

    You do it the same way.

    Copy the complete URL and then use the linking icon. IS that what you did for the post you put up today?

    I sent you the code in an email.

    How did you do it w/the Taylor Mali?


  3. sofiapenna

    If you want the actual YouTube video screen to appear in your blog post (instead of a hot link), readers can simply click the play arrow on that little video screen and start watching right on the blog.

    To do this, you would go to YouTube and highlight and copy the URL that appears near the video. (Don’t highlight the embedded URL. You don’t want that one for this.) Then go to your WordPress blog and, from the dashboard, create a new post. While you are writing your post, you’ll notice that toward the bottom of your screen, there is an Upload, Browse All, Video, and Slideshow set of tabs. Click Video, and paste your YouTube URL into the http:// space. Then click Send to Editor.

    When you publish your post, your YouTube video will appear in your blog entry as a little video screen. -Sofia

  4. Charity

    hey, why don’t you use the embed URL? I use that one all the time to post the video in my blog post…just curious…

  5. traverse02

    Raph here with a ‘text’ I will be using for my kickoff activity… It’s a clip from a stand-up comedy performance by Brian Regan and I’m using it to show the class an example of something that I think is funny (I will be showing other clips and materials). The students will then bring in material they think is funny to share with the class.

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