Hi all,

After a super busy day of doing homework, I spent the night watching a movie. It was about teaching and I thought you all might enjoy it. It was recently released by an independent film company. Its called chalk. It’s really funny and I thought it captured some of the frustrations and politics of teaching very well. Has anyone else seen it? Just a warning, don’t watch it after you’ve spent the whole day doing classwork. It’s a funny movie but might leave you feeling frustrated.




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4 responses to “Chalk

  1. sofiapenna

    Hi Allison,
    I’ve never seen the movie, so thanks for providing a link to more info on it! I’ll have to add it to my list…..

    Speaking of movies, I just watched American Psycho this weekend, which is really something, to say the least. I’m about to get the book and do a little novel-film comparison. -Sofia

  2. allison

    omg I love American Psycho. I think its an awesome statement about that class of people.

  3. jexter1

    I’m so glad that you watched America Psycho, Sofia! I plan on using the movie in my lesson on deconstruction for Tuesday, as a matter of fact. It is such an incredible depiction of American society and how we are absorbed by our own lives to the point of not realizing what is happening around us. Schools are ridiculed everyday for similar behavior. The education system (Bush Administration in particular) want NCLB to be viewed as a wonderful policy, with high hopes and support to all children, but they neglect to see its failures and flaws.

    Allison, I have never heard of Chalk, but want to see it now. I can relate with you on the situation of doing homework alllll day. A movie would be perfect to relax. Thanks for the recommendation!


  4. mandygrl101

    Wow–You guys are making me interested in seeing American Psycho. I thought it was a horror film but it sounds very cool, especially in a deconstructive sort of way! I can’t wait to see what you present on it Jess!

    Also, I have never heard of Chalk, but I am always looking for a good film, especially ones that pertain to my future profession. Thanks Alison.


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