Suggestions for Targeting a Journal for Your Article

Re: Here is the description of the next issue of THE ENGLISH RECORD’s theme:

Speaking from the Margin: Critical Literacy and Social Justice*

With so many troubles in the world, we as teachers need to remember one essential detail* words can have incredible power. Through literacy, teachers can empower students. Voices silenced altogether or pushed aside into the margins can be heard whispering. Let’s help those voices become stronger and be heard. We need to show our students how to help those voices change the world. Sometimes the voices off to the side of a text are not good voices but the voices of corruption hidden within text and through critical literacy we need to show our students how to critique those mummers between the lines. How do we as English teachers approach such a monumental task? How have you shown students the path to empowering marginalized peoples and at the same time call into question the messages from the dominant elite? In what ways have you used literacy to spark social justice? Please share your narratives, lessons, and experiences.

The introduction to your article and the discussion should target this theme IF in fact you are writing about a book that fits the theme and plan to send to this journal. You can locate other journals’ special theme issues or open ms. calls by going to their websites.

If you have a specific focus in mind, other than THE RECORD, get in touch and I will help. KES

*This is also the theme of the annual NCTE convention in NYC this month.


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