Articles for Publication and the November Issue of EJ

I encourage you to send me an attachment w/the draft of your article so that you have some feedback from me before we meet again next week. I will be emailing responses to those of you who turned in hard copies today, tomorrow and Sunday.

If you have made further progress w/your essay and I have an “earlier” version, please send me the newer one so that I am not reading an older draft. That’s not productive for either of us.

Suggestion for continuing–keep your audience in mind. This is not a traditional literary paper that you have written or would write in an ENG class.

Instead it is a discussion of how theory can inform the work we do w/adolescent readers–how it can deepen as well as open up all at once their responses to texts. Call on your good sources, Tyson and Appleman. And situate yourself as reader/teacher of the text you have chosen to critique.

I am excited to see so much good content in the November issue, TRANSFORMING ENGLISH TEACHING, of EJ. Do read the Jeremiah Hill essay. Seems to speak directly to some of the topics we have been discussing all semester. Do blog about what you think of it. Karen


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One response to “Articles for Publication and the November Issue of EJ

  1. sofiapenna

    Thanks for the FYI on the Hill essay. It was a great piece. Sofia

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