Hello, Everyone,
Here are the templates for our “sequence of instruction,” as I promised.  Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any problems.

Calendar Template

Backward Design Template Again
Ray H.

Li Li, I seemed to have misplaced the paper with your e-mail address on them, so if you still want me to e-mail you, then post your e-mail address for me.  Thanks.



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4 responses to “Templates

  1. sofiapenna

    Thanks, Ray!!! I will definitely be using your calendar in my unit. Sofia

  2. ll123

    Dear Dr. Stearns,
    I wonder how you want us to hand in the hard copy of our lesson plans. Do I put it in a pocket folder like the seminar in Eng.619 or put it in a three-hole-binder. I’d appreciate it very much if you can respond to this question soon. Thanks.

    Thanks a lot for the template and calendar.

    Posted by L. L.

  3. sunyprof

    The unit plan is housed in a three ring binder *(see the assignment sheet for clarification) just like those everyone had last week in class to share. KES

  4. jexter1

    Thank you so much Ray! What would we do without you? What would the English Dept. do without you? haha

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