NCTE EJ Nov. Issue – Hill Article

After checking out the November EJ article by Hill  on re-engineering the English classroom, a few of his comments really ring out at me:

  • In English classes, seniors are not always more competent or perceptive than freshman.  I think we often underestimate our freshman and believe that seniors are our most polished students.  Hill challenges this idea.
  • We must change our expectations for ourselves (as teachers).  We have a duty to find the money and the time to nurture our teaching skills.  Challenging teacher learning is essential.
  • We shouldn’t think of ourselves as individual teachers in individual classrooms.  We need to come together and share our teaching ideas and success stories.  Collaboration creates “professional” teachers.

Perhaps my most favorite pieces of this article are written in the very beginning.  “Vocabulary is important, but SAT words are not,” and, “Organization is important, but five-paragraph essays are not.”  Statements like these show that Hill is a teacher who has figured out what so many of us struggle with.  I’m really impressed by his article and hope you all get a chance to look it over as well.  So much of what he discusses can be easily related to our 541 topics this semester.  -Sofia


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One response to “NCTE EJ Nov. Issue – Hill Article

  1. jillian24

    This was awesome. I haven’t had a chance to read the article yet, but your post was a great endorsement.

    I’d like to add that while working with at-risk youth, we focused upon principles rather than rules. Thus, everything you did had a purpose behind it, an underlying principle. I think this relates to Hill’s point about figuring out what’s important. Principles are important, but get lost when there are too many rules (and maybe too many tests).

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