“Talking” with Dr. Christenbury, etc.

I have invited Dr. Christenbury to join us in discussing RETRACING THE JOURNEY on our course blog. I have sent her the wordpress invitation. She is planning to respond after NCTE as she, too, will be in NYC this week.

So I very much look forward to more posts on the JOURNEY chapters (she will respond to questions you pose) as well as your responses to the Beers’ chapters for discussion tonight. I hope too you will be eager to talk about new professional resources you are reading for your last book review.

I would also welcome some blog discussion of your unit planning process in relationship to course themes/emphases. Now that you have the bulk of your planning for this unit completed where do you see yourself on the continuum of understanding the UbD template’s value to you as a classroom teacher?

What areas of your unit plan are you most proud of? And why? How have you stretched yourself with this assignment?

And, importantly, how will you stretch kids’ thinking w/your unit? KES


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