Jess’ presentation

Hi everyone,

Jess’ presentation last night reminded me of this video

AIs this trailer and the one we watched last night a form of deconstruction? Allison



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3 responses to “Jess’ presentation

  1. sunyprof

    Wow! “Jaws”…I’d love to hear your deconstruction of this trailer women (and men too if they want to join in!). KES

  2. sofiapenna


    Thanks for taking the time to post this video! My husband and I had a good laugh over it. This is exactly like the American Psycho trailer that Jessica showed us in class. The common thread I found between the two is, of course, this strange deconstruction of love and romance. Also, did everyone catch that last line in the Jaws trailer that called the movie a “family adventure”???? Ha! Sofia

  3. sofiapenna

    P.S. If the shark was supposed to be the pursued woman in this “romance” trailer, I’m disturbed. Dr. Stearns, I will sit this discussion out! Oh dear. Sofia

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