Class on Tuesday

I look forward to a strong discussion of RETRACING THE JOURNEY. I am going to assume you have finished the book — but if you are concentrating on your paper I think we can safely discuss specific moments in this text that tease us into thought without “giving anything away” for readers who will finish it post-class this week. Please bring your annotated text so that we can reference passages specific to the topics you want to raise.

It was amazing to meet and talk with both Deb Appleman and Leila Christenbury on Saturday in NY. Dr. Christenbury is, as you know, responding to our questions/comments about the book on our blog this week. Do post. Mandy, I think your post is an esp. good one for her to comment on.

We will also be discussing the two chapters in Beers (10 and 14) as well as hearing from our theory experts on yet more perspectives from which we can consider texts. Thanks to Sofia, Jessica and Ray for helping us with Structuralism, Deconstruction and New Historicism last week. Would facilitators for this week please post questions/new insights into their theories?

It is important to read the accompanying chapters in Tyson and to be able to reference those chapters in class on Tuesday.

If you are ready to post your third book review please use the reviewers’ page. If you are still looking for just that right book to review, I picked up some new titles at the conference exhibition room (the size of downtown Syr.) that you may be interested in. I’ll bring them tomorrow night. Due to the interest in film in our class, I have a new NCTE title, READING IN THE DARK: USING FILM AS A TOOL IN THE ENGLISH CLASSROOMS, that some of you might like.

Another title that would fit perfectly into your developing text sets for teaching is the brand new, LESS IS MORE: TEACHING LITERATURE WITH SHORT TEXTS–GRADES 6-12. I was able to talk with the author, Kim Campbell, and she signed the book for our whole class!

Dr. Christenbury wrote the forward to this book. If you are interested in reviewing one of these titles, comment here. Since they are both brand new, you have a good chance of being able to publish your reviews of these titles.

I look forward to lots of blog posts and comments today and tomorrow as you read and write. New insights from the reading? New perspectives from your writing your YA title analysis? As you may already know Sherman Alexie did take the National Book Award for his first YA title, THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART TIME INDIAN. Since he’s a Seattle native, and I’m headed there on TH, I thought it would be appropriate to link to the Seattle Times’ announcement in which he states: “Wow … I obviously should have been writing YA (young adult) all along.”

Finally after a busy 4 days in New York, I can turn to reading and commenting unit plans all day today!! Want to help?! KES



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2 responses to “Class on Tuesday

  1. ll123

    Dr. Stearns,
    Ok, I will post my third book review again on the reviewer’s page on the due date. You mentioned the questions for Tyson’s theory, and I am not sure if I am going to do my mini-lesson tomorrow night. I think Jerry has asked you this question in last class, and you said it would be the class after Thanksgiving. I assume mine is also at that time, correct? Posted by L.L.

  2. traverse02

    Dr. Stearns,

    I just wanted to remind you that I will need the new edition of “You Gotta Be the Book” by Wilhelm for my third book review. Thank you.


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