Coe Booth II

This novel would be great to teach to kids of the inner city because they would finally have a text in which they could relate to.  One of the best ways to get kids to read is to find a novel that speaks their language. It may be different depending on the kid but it is much easier to get someone interested in a novel when their culture is included.

The approach I would use to analyze Tyrell would be African American criticism because there is no other theory that could do the novel as much justice.

All kids should start school having to read multicultural texts. Most students are allowed to stay in their confort zones and not have to take on the challenge of analyzing African American or Latino Literature. They stay in their comfort zones for so long that they get angry if they are asked to come out of them.

The earlier, the better!

Ray C.



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3 responses to “Coe Booth II

  1. canadawr5

    Amen to that!

  2. sunyprof

    Coe Booth was at NCTE of course Ray. One of the teachers with me (Cortland MAT) went to hear her present with who else but Walter Dean Meyers! I was not able to get to this session–there were so many conflicts in a huge conference–but I wish I had. I’m glad you found TYRELL a realistic depiction of teen life.

    I was interested to see that the Winter issue of ALAN Review has a long piece on the genesis of TYRELL. It’s worth reading. KES

  3. mandygrl101

    Ray: I saw Coe Booth speak this past weekend and she also read excerpts from her book Tyrell, which I look forward to reading in the near future. As you mentioned (Ray), one of the most obvious elements of the book that I noticed when Booth was reading was that it does indeed speak the language of many teens. The text was full of cursing and slang, and from what I hear, there is also a lot about sex as well. Is this true? In another session I attended, several YA authors agreed that they could never write YA lit and omit sex, because it is such an important part of adolescence, a comment I found interesting and also applicable to this text perhaps? Although I could see that many teachers in the session were shocked about the language, other teachers in the audience gave their testimonials as to how much their kids loved the book and others mentioned that they would be sneaking a copy into their classrooms as well. I know Booth is coming out with a sequel to Tyrell and also with another text entitled Kendra, so be on the look-out. I agree with you that this text would interest kids, many of who are reluctant readers, much more so than Shakespeare. It is real, relatable, and provoking…what’s not to like? I know I was interested, and can’t wait to read this text and judge it for myself.


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