Brainstorming Technology

Based on Ray’s plea, which I second, I’d like to pose some questions to get us started blogging how we can use technologies in our classroom. I’m hoping this is a support to what we discussed in class this evening (again, my apologies for my absence).


What technologies have you experienced? What were some of the challenges you faced? What about using that technology was effective? This is story time. Exchange stories and ideas here.



What technologies are not listed in Kajder’s chapter?



Do certain technologies lend themselves to certain types of literature, to certain themes, to certain grade levels? Which ones? Why?




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2 responses to “Brainstorming Technology

  1. jillian24

    Just to get us started….

    I haven’t had much experience with technologies in the classroom, but individual laptops have proven a challenge in terms of securing sites and a benefit in terms of immediate sources of information. As I prefer debates as a classroom discussion structure, I enjoy using laptops to research prior to presenting. It gives students equal access and time, which evens out the debate.

    Utube has also been an unique experience for me this semester, but seems to reenforce that all classrooms should be digitally equipped. I think this supports some of Gruwell’s methods. If our classrooms are not sufficiently equipped, we should use community resources to make sure they become equipped.

  2. rayhedrick

    Great post, Jillian. Now this is what I’m talking about! Just to let you know… we didn’t actually get to the Beers chapters tonight; however, I still have much to say on this subject.

    YouTube is a great idea, and is used in classrooms a lot. I’m a huge supporter of wikis–I think they’re incredibly useful. I’m just grasping my hands around this idea of a “wikibook,” which we learn about in Ch.14. I’m not sure how I feel about students creating, from what I gather, Sparknotes-like study guides. I think I need to do some more research on this.

    I also think that making movie trailers has its benefits; we also can’t dismiss WebQuests. There are so many! I’m lucky enough to have had a lot, a lot of experience using technologies, and, as you can probably tell, it is one of my personal favorite parts of teaching.

    I think I’ll let some other people give their insight before I continue…

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